About Us

The Centre for Excellence in Management of Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (CMLARR), Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) has been leading the capacity building interventions for LARR specialist officers in the South Asian region. The Centre, established with the support of the World Bank in 2013 provides technical support to government/public/private institutions in addressing social risks in investment operations, developing technical guidelines as well as in planning/implementating infrastructure investment operations across the length and breadth of the country. The Centre has also expanded its operation by engaging with governments and educational institutions in several countries including China, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Uganda, Nepal etc.

The Centre has conducted more than 100 dedicated Courses for more than 5000 officers from 120 client organisations. The Centre has entered into a MoU with National Research Centre for Resettlement, Hohai University, China, to support cooperation and create research network for effective management of social issues in infrastructure development. The two leading institutions in China and India are now offering International Programmes and Joint Certification Courses in Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (LARR). ASCI has also signed an MoU with University of Nairobi to support a dedicated Land Acquisition Centre in Kenya. Among the prominent international assignments include customised courses on LARR for Ministerial delegation from Government of Uganda, Egypt, Kenya etc; Curriculum Development Workshop for University of Nairobi; Support to World Bank in the Technical Assistance for Land Acquisition Policy and Institutional Reform in Egypt; South-South learning event on R & R and Benefit Sharing; International training courses on LARR, advisory guidance to University of Peradeniya; Sri Lanka on LARR, Technical support for Training of Trainers in workshops organised by World Bank in the South Asian Region etc.

CMLARR is an empanelled expert institution for conducting social impact assessment studies in few states. The Centre has led several consultancy studies on social impact assessment and evaluation of LARR Implementation including those of World Bank supported projects. CMLARR has been providing support to the Department of Land Resources, Government of India and various State Governments in the implementation of the new land acquisition Act. Customised courses on the RFCTLARR Act 2013 have been organised for several state governments; Karnataka (400 officers), Tamil Nadu (105 officers), Bihar (100 Officers), Odisha (55 Officers), Madhya Pradesh (54 Officers); Punjab (115 officers); Sikkim (50 Officers) etc. Officers from more than 20 state governments have participated in the ASCI LARR Courses.

The CMLARR training module, widely acknowledged as the most advanced in the South Asian region, provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to R & R training. The dedicated Centre for organized capacity building and research aims at creating a technically qualified pool of professionals who are completely equipped to deal with the land acquisition and R & R process in an effective manner. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the legislative framework, land valuation techniques, impact assessment procedures, good practices in LARR, operational knowledge to plan and monitor Resettlement Action Plans and Livelihood Restoration Plans, develop Terms of References for Baseline/Social Impact Assessment studies for the consulting organizations etc. These initiatives are aimed at supporting the organizations to significantly improve the management of land acquisition process and in addressing the potential conflicts that has been stalling several infrastructure projects.


  • Leading the capacity building initiatives in the country/ South Asian region in LARR; 115 courses for 125 clients; for more than 16000 mandays.
  • Only training institute in the country regularly organising training courses on Land Acquisition for revenue department officers; More than 1000 revenue officers from 20 state govts. have benefited.
  • Support to governments/institutions on land policy reform and social assessment in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Nepal, Sri-Lanka etc.
  • Support to multilateral institutions/ State govts. in conducting social assessment/ Evaluation studies including Ministry of Defence project in Indo-China border.
  • Country-wide evaluation studies on Alternative Land Assembly Mechanisms (Land Pooling, Purchase, Lease etc) and LARR/Social Safeguards implementation.
  • Organising Fortnightly Certificate Programs in LARR (National and International) with widespread international participation from Asian and African countries.
  • National/International MoUs on LARR: (NRCR, China; UoN, Kenya, PDA, Nepal; IICM, India, State Administrative Training Institutes-Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Assam etc.